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Bluffs Residents' News

Winterization Procedures of Seasonal Units

1. Energize heat wire for condensate line from heating unit.

2. Draining of hot water heater

   a. shut off electrical power supply

   b. shut of water supply valve.  Open hot water handles on faucets (this helps to drain water faster).

   c. attach hose to bottom drain valve, run hose to lowest drain, ex shower/tub. Open valve and lift open thermal relief valve for faster drainage.

   d. when empty close drain and expansion relief valves, remove hose and drain hose. Close hot water faucet handles.

   e. when refilling, crack open water feed valve, open hot water faucets, wait until water comes out of faucets before energizing.

3. Close all water supply valves under sinks and toilets.

4. Shut toilet water supply valve, flush toilet. Just enough water will remain in bottom of tank to keep flapper and seal from drying out. Add a little antifreeze to tank and bowl.

5. If individual valves do not work, close main water valve.

6. Close water supply valve to refrigerator/freezer.

7. Close main water valve at the end of above procedures.

8. Leave thermostat at a minimum of 55 degrees (house rules).

9. Change batteries in thermostat.

10. Leave set of keys of with Ziggy in case of emergency.

11. Change air filter in heating unit.