Pool Rules

Days/Hours of Operation: Our pool will be open on May 24th weekends only including Memorial Day through June 20. The pool will then operate 7 days per week through Labor Day. A lifeguard will be on duty each day from 10:00AM through 6:00PM. Homeowners will be permitted to use the pool complex from dawn to dusk; however, swimming during times other than when the lifeguard is on duty will be at one's own risk.

Pool and Recreational Rules:
  1. A key must be obtained for access to the gates of the pool & tennis courts. One key is provided free to each unit; one additional key may be obtained for a minimal charge. Keys are of the type that cannot be duplicated. You will not be granted access to the pool area or tennis courts without a key. Please do not ask the Lifeguard on duty to open the gate; they have been instructed that no one is to enter without a key.
  2.  Use of the pool, the pool house and other areas adjoining the pool, the playground, and the tennis courts is limited to owners and the other tenant-residents of the condominium and their guests. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. No parties with more than six guests on weekends and holidays will be permitted.
  3. The use of the pool and surrounding areas for private parties (Monday thru Friday with no Holidays) is a privilege. Requests to reserve space for a given date must be addressed in writing to the Management Office. There is a $100.00 refundable deposit required to insure clean up after use.
  4. Proper swim attire must be worn and infants and toddlers must wear swimmy diapers.
  5. The pool gate must be closed upon entering or leaving the pool area.
  6.  Persons using the pool must respect the comfort of others and should not engage in ball throwing, and splashing of water on the pool deck. Running, horseplay, screaming, yelling, loud music, as well as loud or profane language are prohibited.
  7.  Rafts, floats, etc. are to be used only when there are not many people in the pool and they should not obstruct free movement of swimmers. No large inflatable toys are allowed in the pool on weekends.
  8.  Pets are not allowed in the pool area or tennis courts.
  9. Lifeguards are not to be used as babysitters. Children under (14) years of age must be accompanied to the pool by an adult. All small children must wear a personal flotation device while in or around the pool.
  10.  The lifeguard's function is to supervise the comfort and safety of those using the pool. Theyhave the authority to enforce all pool regulations and have the authority to ask any resident or guest to leave the pool area if they are advised of a rule violation and they continue to engage in said conduct. Please advise the lifeguard if anyone in the pool area is violating any of the rules. Likewise, if the lifeguard is not performing his or her job in a professional manner, kindly contact the Management Office.
  11. Glass is not allowed in the pool area. Please keep the pool area clean by placing all garbage in the receptacles that are provided.
  12. In the event you use the pool house facilities or umbrellas before or after the lifeguard is on duty, upon leaving, please be kind enough to make sure the pool entrance gate, restroom, pool house and umbrellas are closed in order to protect our properties from wind, storm, vandalism and trespassers.
  13. Unit Owners/tenants are responsible for seeing that their children and guests are considerate in keeping the bathroom facilities clean. Please keep the bathroom areas clean. Please do not flush anything other than toilet tissue down the toilets. Receptacles have been provided in each restroom for proper disposal of paper towels, etc.
  14. The pool area is a public place and smoking is not permitted.
  15. All personal possessions must be taken home at the end of the each day, and not left in the pool area or the pool house. The HOA is not responsible for items left at the pool overnight.
  16. Diving is not permitted in the pool as well as there is no ball playing or running on the pool deck. Rollerblading and skate boarding are not permitted in the pool area or at the tennis courts.
  17. Use of any recreational facilities, including the pool, tennis courts and playground, is at the Unit Owners, Tenants, and guests own risk.
  18. Members and visitors shall sign in as they enter the pool facility.